Old Photos of Bower Ashton

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Many thanks to Fiona for the photos, likely to be from the late 1970's or early 1980's.

Park Farm
Above Park Farm on Parklands Road
Lower Lodge of Ashton Court Estate
Above Lower Lodge of Ashton Court Estate (now Ashton Lodge)
Old Barns
Above old barns now demolished beside Jersey Cottage
Above allotments, Parklands Road in the background
Above allotments, Clanage Road, from the roundabout
Barn with Green Door
Above barn with green goor, Parklands Road, close to Vine Cottage
Jersey Cottage
Above Jersey Cottage, Parklands Road from footpath to Rownham Close
Jersey Cottage
Above Jersey Cottage and old barns, Parklands Road
Kennel Lodge
Above Milking Parlour, Kennel Lodge Road
Above barns now Barken Cottage, Courtlands Lane
Above Oakleigh, Parklands Road from Courtlands Lane
Vine Cottage Above Vine Cottage, Parklands Road

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