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About the Community Plan

Bower Ashton's Community Plan is a set of 'living' documents giving information about Bower Ashton and the community that lives here, together with details of the issues and opportunities that have been raised by residents.

The community Plan doesn't have to be about problems we'd like to solve, it should also include the things we enjoy about the area. So that it's a positive statement of how we hope our area will thrive and of how we'd like to see that happen.

The community plan is open to change as Bower Ashton changes. It changes as new issues and opportunities are identified or old old issues resolved or become less important with time.

All changes to the plan need to be ratified by the community. When agreed the updated plan can be passed on - to give guidance to those who set priorities and allocate money or resources.

Why is a Bower Ashton Community Plan needed?

  • The Community Plan gives residents the opportunity to state their views on local issues.
  • Bristol Council's spending is increasingly being devolved to a local level, in Bower Ashton's case this is the GBCP. Local issues that have a proven level of local support, are far more likely to get support / funding from your residents association as well as the GBCP and Bristol Council.

Community Plan Documents

Other Bower Ashton Organisations

We welcome documents (or links to) from other organisations community planning for Bower Ashton.

At times of course there can be disagreements, so the views and opinions expressed in the links/documents in this section may not be those of residents or the residents association.


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