Constitution of Residents Association

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Agreed at the April 2017 AGM

  1. TITLE

    1. The name of the Association shall be Bower Ashton Residents Association hereinafter called the 'Association'.


    1. To seek to improve and protect the local environment.


    1. All residents over 16 currently living in Bower Ashton are considered to be members of the association and are eligible to attend and vote at the associations AGM or an EGM.
    2. Voting membership will cease when any member stops living in Bower Ashton.


    1. The committee shall be elected at the AGM and shall have a minimum of three members and a maximum of eight.
    2. The committee shall elect from within their number a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.
    3. 2 committee members should stand down each year and may stand for re-election should they so wish.
    4. There must be a quorum of at least 3 of the committee members to be present for any decisions to be made at a committee meeting.
    5. Any resident of Bower Ashton aged 16 or over shall be eligible to serve on the committee.
    6. There shall be only one committee member per household.
    7. Those residents wishing to stand for election onto the committee must enter their nomination in writing to the Secretary no later than 7 days before the AGM. Email applications will be accepted provided the email address is known to the secretary.
    8. Those residents wishing to stand for election onto the committee accept the commitment to attend the majority of its meetings.
    9. The committee may remove any member failing to regularly attend its meetings.
    10. Any vacancies on the committee may be filled by co-opting members until the next AGM.
    11. Prior to the election of committee members at the AGM the committee shall propose an election process which shall ensure that proceedings are fair and democratic


    1. All monies raised on behalf of the Association shall be applied to the furtherance of its objectives or donated to locally based organisations or charities.
    2. All funds shall be kept in a bank account in the name of 'Bower Ashton Residents Association'.
    3. All cheques will require two signatories; the Secretary, Treasurer and Chair being the only signatories.
    4. Accounts shall be kept by the Treasurer and presented to the AGM

  6. AGM

    1. An AGM will be called to discuss the activities of the Association, to receive the accounts and to elect a committee.
    2. Each member of the Association shall receive twenty one days notice of the date of the meeting.
    3. any monies proposed for donation must be agreed by a majority vote of residents present at the AGM

  7. EGM

    1. An EGM shall be called at the request of eight or more households and they shall inform the Secretary of their proposed agenda and also provide their names and addresses.
    2. The committee shall set the date for an EGM to be held at the earliest practical time but no later than 2 months after the Secretary received the request.


    1. Any proposal to alter the constitution must be approved at the AGM.


    1. The committee is empowered to suspend any member deemed to act injuriously towards the Association.


    1. The Association may be dissolved only at the AGM or at a special meeting convened for the purpose of dissolution. The motion to dissolve must be carried by 75% of the members present and voting.
    2. Before a motion for dissolution is discussed the meeting shall determine how the assets remaining after proper debts and liabilities are settled shall be disposed of.


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